Project: Haunts
“Haunted” Attractions:
Design, Writing, Art Direction

Elvira’s Nightmare
© Ray Productions

We’ve worked as design consultants on some of the scariest haunted houses,
from the popular Elvira’s Nightmare and Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream to the Castle of Fear (an entire theme
park devoted to the fun of fright).
Castle of Fear

The client’s direction was simple:
Design an 80-acre theme park
around a haunted castle, with two
haunted hay rides. The rest of the
details were left up to us!

Martian Mansion
Storyboards and one-sheet for a 3-D horror/sci-fi/comedy feature
© Renaissance Entertainment

The six-sided layout was not an arbitrary choice; we thought the most appropriate shape for a “witchy” place would be . . .

      . . . a hexagon.

© Cutting Edge Haunt Design Firm

Concept design and art direction for
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's annual
Halloween event
© Joe Mertz Productions / Busch Entertainment
Entry plaza
Featuring decorations that could be set up and taken down on a daily basis

Nightmare Catchers
Decorations inspired by the concept of dream catchers
Skull Stage
Performance platform concept for host character
Unless otherwise indicated, all images copyright © Radical Concepts, Inc.