Whether it’s a full-blown script or a slogan for a bumper sticker, our writers can handle it, from high drama to clever satire.  Intricate plots, believable dialogue, persuasive ad copy and clever wordplay -- these are second nature to us, and we can deliver them in whatever format you desire.  We’ll keep your audience in mind, too: if they’re a team of scientists, we’ll talk geek to them; if they’re down-home country boys, we’ll shovel on the molasses nice and thick.

  Anyone can do research, but our talented writers already have an impressive array of specialized knowledge at their fingertips.  To wit:

  Fantasy, horror and science fiction
  Literature, art, poetry and song lyrics
  Military/paramilitary (history,
  equipment, tactics, jargon and customs)
  Movies and television, from both sides
  of the screen  
  Science, medicine and business
  Mythology and ancient cultures
  Astrology, alchemy and arcane subjects
  Sketch, standup and improv comedy

Well, you get the idea.  (And if you
don’t, just call us -- we’ll come up
with the ideas for you!)

A few examples:

Storyline of Legends America theme park, for ITEC Productions.

Script for Spy War action stunt show in Thailand.

Scripts for all animatronic characters in Mutiny Bay, a  pirate-themed arcade in Las Vegas, for ITEC.

Articles, press releases and columns for newsletters, magazines and newspapers.

Screenplay for Piggy Bank, a satirical comedy; scripts and treatments for other movies and TV programs.

Ad copy, brochures and billboards for Ron Jon Surf Shop, Creative Engineering, Inc., and others.

Peter Parsec, Space Cadet, a satirical comic book

Scenic Scope (technical description of all theme elements) for Cinderella’s Castle Cake and vehicles in Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade for Disney.

Comedy sketches performed live and on the radio, in nightclubs and at special events.

One of many animatronic characters
scripted for the pirate-themed Mutiny Bay arcade at Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas
© ITEC Productions
and Advanced Animations

Peter Parsec, Space Cadet
Satirical comic book spoofing comics, sci-fi and military life

© Radical Comics / RC Press
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Unless otherwise indicated, all images copyright © Radical Concepts, Inc.