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The proposed live event revolved around a street-level window case in which reps demonstrated how this inter-active cell phone impacts all facets of daily life
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for TV Commercials
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Everest in Manhattan
This high-profile event to promote Disney World's newest roller coaster attraction featured a huge graphic overlay of a NYC skyscraper on which stunt performers rapelled down ropes, climbed a rock wall and interacted with the public in a simulated Tibetan base camp in Times Square.

Klondike Bars: NASCAR
An ad starring professional stock car racer Jeff Burton, who agrees to drive the track in a pedal kiddie-car to get a tasty reward.
for Print Ads and Campaigns
Men in Black 3-D
Proposed title card and one-sheet for a 3-D film, based on the theatrical release of Men in Black, to be produced for a chain of theme parks.

L'Ottavo Wines
This comp capitalizes on the name L'Ottavo, which is Italian for the number eight, by showing a clock that indicates it's 8:00, the perfect time for a glass of fine wine.  The humorous quotes are just placeholders for anticipated testimonials, of course.
for Films, Shows and Events
for Companies and their Latest Products
Blood Church
Movie Poster and One-Sheet for a horror film that was produced, but never released, due to a dispute with the director

VooDoo To-Do
This flyer for a Halloween party (and later sequels) for the entertainment industry in Orlando required us to come up with the event's name, design the logo, create the illustration of zombies dancing, and put it all together with a ton of copy and logos of various participating organizations.

The PGA Team
This spread in the annual catalogue for a foliage wholesaler is one part of our campaign depicting their staff as superheroes who can solve any of their clients' plant-related problems.
The PGA Jungle
Different year, different theme:  this cover design with overleaf took the company in a more naturalistic direction, using a watercolor painting of a jungle scene (with animals in fantasy colors but the plantlife depcted more realistically), and a subsequent spread showing caricatures of the staff in safari garb.
RonJon Surf Shop
Working closely with R&J Advertising, Ron Jon's in-house ad agency, we created many, many billboards, ads and other promotional materials, many of which featured their trademark characters Surf Cruiser and Korky.

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Eye-catching visuals and a message that can be read in a matter of seconds
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Ski Hawaii
Promotional concept for a proposed stunt show at SeaWorld
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