Our Design Philosophy
Set Design Concept for a proposed animal stunt show in Phu Khet, Thailand
Be bold and daring;  avoid cliches, except to explode them.

Start with a strong story line, adding only those design elements that will enhance the experience.

Work on multiple levels:  a broad, gut-level appeal with intriguing details for those who look beneath the surface.

Apply technology only as a way of telling the story, not as an end in itself.

Look for ways to use existing techniques and technology in new ways.

Review periodically to ensure consistency of tone, aesthetics and flow.

Formulas are for chemists.  Create new elements and see what develops.

Find ways to get more bang for your buck;  low-budget does not mean low quality.

Use humor when appropriate, even in unexpected places (to relieve tension, etc.).

Remember that people have five senses (and we can simulate more than that).

The mind’s eye is the most effective (and least expensive) medium;  let it do its part.

Don’t just jump on the first idea that comes into your head.  Look for a fresh one.

See the path that others are following and take another route.  Surprise yourself.

Emphasis: highs and lows, fasts and slows, stops and gos.  If everything is loud, none of it will be heard.  The same goes for visual effects. 
Set a mood, then punctuate it with the right action, effects and dialogue.

Involve the audience whenever practical.

Create a willing suspension of disbelief, then exploit the hell out of it.

Always give people more than they are expecting.

Strike out on your own; create your own success,  and the others will follow..

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