Film & Video
Blood Church
One-sheet and movie poster for the
horror film
Production Design and
Art Direction:
  Sets, props, costumes,   
  characters, graphics,
  animation design

  One-sheets, movie posters,
  video boxes, backdrops,
  portraits, specialty props

  Shot-by-shot or key scenes
  for films, TV and video

  Scripts and treatments,
  characters, dialogue, editing,
  ad copy, comedy, song lyrics

Haunted Portrait
Acrylic painting used as a key prop in an episode of the Swamp Thing TV series (artwork based on a headshot of the guest star)

© BBK Productions
Klondike Bars
Storyboards for a commercial featuring NASCAR driver Jeff Burton

Baja Race
Storyboards for SEGA arcade video game
Unless otherwise indicated, all images copyright © Radical Concepts, Inc.
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