Production Design
& Art Direction
Attractions & Exhibits
Thrill Island Adventure Park in Lia Giang, China
Theming concept, guest experience, logos, ride and show concepts and renderings for Integrity Attractions

A daring approach to entertainment
design, employing exceptional storytelling and dramatic visuals.  Especially well versed in fantasy, science fiction, mythology and ancient civilizations, as well as the
mainstream genres.  Call on us for blue-sky conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding, production design,  presentation packages, advertising graphics and on-site art direction. 
Our Design Philosophy
The Design Process
Project Showcase
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Film & Video
Blood Church
Graphic design and illustration
for Phoenix International Films

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& Exhibits
Events & Live Shows
Film & Video
Events & Live Shows
Outback Steak House
Set Design Concept for Caribiner Productions
© Phoenix International Films
© Integrity Attractions
© Caribiner Productions
Events & Live Shows
Set Design Concept for animal stunt show in Phu Khet, Thailand for Renaissance Entertainment
© Renaissance Entertainment