Logo Design
Animation Celebration
Logo and signage concepts for
Disney-MGM’s parkwide event
The Quantinuum
Logo design for a video game concept exploring alternate histories via the application of quantum mechanics to the space-time continuum
T-shirt design for National Semi-conductor's elite electronic trouble-shooting team
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Put Your Best Foot Forward

We believe a logo should say something
about what the company does, using clear, concise  imagery.  We will be happy to  brainstorm a number of alternatives, exploring several distinct approaches, and ask you what you like and dislike about each one.  Then we will use that information to modify the designs, repeating the process until we
have one that precisely suits you and your purposes.

Logo for a wholesale foliage dealer in Florida
© Disney
© National Semiconductor
Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
Logo for the colorful parade at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Terror Quest
Logo for a proposed haunted attraction
Hellmark Cards
Logo for a line of satirical greeting cards employing dark humor
© Radical Concepts, Inc.
© Disney
Jingle Mingle
Logo for an annual holiday party for a group of affiliated trade associations in Orlando
Aqua Sector
Year-round Water Park under a climate-controlled dome
Energy Zone
Hard Ride Area featuring roller coasters and such
Thrill Island Adventure Park
Each section of the park has a logo that reflects its particular style and character, but there are stylistic consistencies shared by all of the logos, for instance the integration of illustrative elements with custom-designed lettering.
Entertainment Central
Auditorium and Theater Complex with Food Court and Arcade
Dragon Ranch
Interactive Playground featuring Mechanical Dinosaurs, some of which can be ridden
Perpetual Motion
Children's Play Area
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