How We Do It
(Design Intent)
Cavern Exploration Attraction Concept                                                                                      © Oak Island Creative
Every project is different, but for the most part they follow a discernable progression. The extent or our role depends on how much creative work has already been put into the concept by the client or by other consultants, and how happy out client is with this previous work. We are able to jump in at any point in the process and take it as far as the client desires.​

  Rough Concepts:
       First draft of the storyline
       Rough sketches of scenery,
           characters, etc.

  Conceptual rendering:
       Rough sketch
       Black and white line art
       Color rendering
       Schematic with labels, if needed
Detailed Design
Steps in the Process
Refined storylines, scripts
Master plan
Schematics: elevations, sections,          plans
Scaled renderings
Graphics: wayfinding, markees, 
    logos, etc.
Costume and prop design
Art Direction
  Scenic scope
  Supervision of fabricators/installers
  Interaction with engineers,            architects, audio and lighting     designers
  On-site consultation as required

Case Study
Conceptual Rendering:

Cave Exploration Attraction for 
Oak Island Creative
Rough sketch provided by client for basic layout information
Detailed rough, based on a phone conversation and client's rough sketch
Black and white (B&W) line art, revised based on client's input upon reviewing the detailed rough. Ready for coloring
Final color rendering
is how we do it.
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