Founded in Arizona in1986, Radical Concepts moved to Central Florida in 1990, where the company quickly made a name for itself as an exceptional provider of creative services, from writing and producing television shows to the design and art direction of themed attractions.  

   Our clientele is made up of such notables as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Wet’n’Wild and Sea-World.  We have also worked as consultants to a broad array of smaller companies, such as ITEC 
Productions, Renaissance Entertainment, MY Design and The Nassal Company, as well as Lockheed Martin, Mirage Entertainment and the City of Orlando.  

   Our work can be seen in parks and attractions around the world, including Thailand, Indonesia, China and Dubai, in addition to many locations within the United States.
   Our President, Mike Conrad, is an award-winning illustrator, writer and designer whose creations have been enjoyed by millions all over the world. Take advantage of his wide-ranging experience in developing your project, whether that means calling on us to brainstorm ideas, art direct the installation, or jump in anywhere in between.

   The earlier we get involved, the happier you will be with the end product.

Who We Are
The Creative Resource is who we are.
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