What We've Done
HappyLand Theme Park  Viet Nam
Atlantis Underwater Ride
Load-in featuring a steampunk submarine
ride vehicle
Mayan Underworld  Dark Ride
Scene Concept showing animatronics 
and video projections
Space Warp Enclosed Coaster featuring set pieces, lighting/audio effects and video projections

Contracted by Steelman Partners to flesh out a proposed theme park concept, which included revising and creating numerous storylines, as well as producing concept art, detailed storyboards and scaled schematics.  Below are just a few of the rides and venues we worked to develop.
© Steelman Partners
Bug Wars Walk-through Attraction
© Renaissance Entertainment
Concept Design for Renaissance Entertainment  for a family-friendly walk-through attraction in which guests find themselves shrunk to the size of insects and are witness to an ongoing battle between the wasps and the ants. Several options were proposed for the bugs' technology, including one based on found objexts from the human world, like needles and rubber bands.
Howl Haven and Scareab Point Halloween Walk-throughs
Oak Island Creative called on us to help visualize theming concepts for two walk-through areas transforming a public park into a fun, immersive adventure for the whole family during the Halloween season. One was a timeless Egyptian tomb, complete with stilt-walking mummies, and the other a tongue-in-cheek village populated with 
werewolves. In the end, the concepts were simplified to accommodate limitations on time, space and budgets, but were still a howling success.
© Oak Island Creative
We have been privileged to help visualize the sets and action sequences for many of these both in America and abroad.
Having already done considerable work for World Choice Investments on their Dixie Stampede shows, we were asked to help develop the sets and characters for their new Pirates Voyage dinner extravaganza in Myrtle Beach.
© Renaissance Entertainment
The Bourne Stuntacular Innovative Stunt Show
To replace the popular Terminator 2 show at Universal Studios, Renaissance Entertainment  worked with some cutting-edge technology to create a 4-D experience like no other, with practical set pieces arising from the stage floor to slide and rotate in sync with a high-resolution wall-to-wall LED display.  We drew up detailed storyboards to help visualize the action and its integration with these elements.
Pirates Voyage Themed Dinner Show
© World Choice Investments
Mirage Entertainment produces a variety of shows and exhibits around the world, including the Legend of the Golden Mermaid in China, a Car Stunt Show in Russia, and the thrilling Dakota Smith stunt show in Indonesia.
Mirage Entertainment Themed Shows Worldwide
© Mirage Entertainment
Disney Creative Entertainment 
The wonderful folks at Walt Disney Creative Entertainment have called on us many times to help bring their dreams to life. High profile projects include the design and art direction of all the wheeled vehicles in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at the Animaal Kingdom and the eye-popping Cinderella's Castle Cake to celebrate WDW's 25th Anniversary.
© Disney
Unless otherwise indicated, all images copyright © Radical Concepts, Inc.
Built dreams is what we've done.
This is a small sample of the many and varied projects we have worked on over the years.